522115_10151621770198970_1125853726_nIt should be emphasized that Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the supporting apparatus. Sometimes it occurs as a result of sickness of the body, usually diseases of the circulatory and nervous system, endocrine and occupational diseases. For example, people working in hostile environment show a greater percentage of morbidity. “Unlocked” disease failure to oral hygiene, poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle, improper treatment or dental prosthetics. It may have a genetic predisposition for a reason.

In turn, periodontitis being purulent focus in the body itself can become the primary cause of serious systemic diseases: heart, kidney, liver and more.



Periodontitis in pregnancy:

During pregnancy due to hormonal explosion of sex hormones gums women are much more vulnerable to bacterial infections and inflammation. Moreover, immunity decreases slightly. Although slight, decline in immunity leads to a sharp increase in oral bacteria. Therefore, 70% of pregnant women develop gingivitis, which is characterized by swollen, drainage, red, bleeding gums. It usually begins in the second month and subsides in the ninth.
Thus, bacteria in the mouth rises sharply due to gingivitis or periodontitis subsequent (a complication of En Avant de Guingamp spiral) and damage not only the oral health of the mother. Recent studies confirm the link between periodontitis and gingivitis of pregnant woman with premature birth to 24 week aborted fetus, and even cases of stillbirth. Infected gum and periodontal pockets that are actually infected wounds in your mouth become nests of bacteria and their toxins….

Through the mother’s circulation they can invade the placenta and pass into the amniotic fluid. If this happens, the body reacts by increasing amounts of prostaglandins (type hormones) which increase the contractions. This can lead to premature birth and aborted fetus, and in some cases, stillbirth.

So do not be surprised if your dentist wants to see you more often and take more care of your periodontal health. The care will be paid not only to the health of your gums, but with a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Of course, you can clean tartar, you do scaling deep pockets and perform periodontal therapies. Pregnancy is not difficulty to put an anesthetic to have the necessary comfort in these manipulations.